Operation Pray for Bible Bee (Guest Post)

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After a summer well invested in studying and memorizing the Word of God, 360 youth across the nation qualified for the National Bible Bee Competition to be held in San Antonio, Texas this November.  Those who accepted the challenge set out to do what many deem impossible.  Contestants are assigned 618-896 Bible verses to memorize in addition to completing an in-depth study of John’s first epistle.  Does that sound overwhelming to you?  It should.  These seven- to eighteen-year olds know by experience that this requires hard work—a lot of it.  While this season is full of excitement and joy, it is not without its struggles.  There are days when they feel like giving up, but they choose to fix their eyes on the eternal reward and press on.  There are days when the eight-year-old diligently spends hours memorizing passages upward of ten verses, days when distractions continually interrupt the thirteen-year-old reading an eighteenth century commentary, days when the sixteen-year-old wrestles to balance schoolwork and housework and chooses to use her limited spare time to study Greek words.

It is my great pleasure to announce a way that you can support these contestants.  Katherine Forster and Delie Moss, a contestant and alumna of the National Bible Bee, invite you to participate in the first-ever Operation Pray for Bible Bee.  This is an opportunity for you as a fellow disciple of Jesus Christ to come alongside these children who are devoting their time and energy to learning the everlasting words of God.  Mere human strength will give way under such an undertaking.  They need the power of God Almighty.  Only the work of His Spirit can cause the words they memorize to come alive in their hearts.  Only He can create and grow a love for the truth they are studying.

The strategy of Operation Pray for Bible Bee is simple: individuals and families nationwide committing to pray for specific contestants as they prepare for and compete in the National Bible Bee.  As these young people exert their energy into hiding God’s Word in their hearts, let’s use our energy to wrestle in prayer for them the way Epaphras did on behalf of the Colossian believers “that [they] may stand mature and fully assured in all the will of God” (Colossians 4:12).  Our goal is the same goal Paul had in mind when he asked the Thessalonian church to pray for him: “that the word of the Lord may speed ahead and be honored” (2 Thessalonians 3:1).  May God be glorified in this endeavor!

Would you be willing to partner with us by praying for a contestant this fall?  Here’s how it works:
1.       Email Delie Moss at delie2cor521@gmail.com, and state your desire to participate.
2.       If you have a preference, specify the age division (7-10, 11-14, or 15-18) and gender of the contestant you would like to help by prayer.
3.       Delie will let you know the name of your contestant.
4.       Pray for your contestant in the weeks ahead.
5.       Delie and Katherine will send you a few email updates to encourage you and let you know of specific ways you can pray for your contestant.
6.       As the National event approaches, Delie will notify you of the opportunity to send your contestant a written note of encouragement.  They will receive this in San Antonio.
7.       Tell more people how they can get involved.  If you know someone who might be interested, you can give Delie their email address (with their permission) or have them email Delie.

If you aren’t sure if you want to commit but would like more information, please email your questions to delie2cor521@gmail.com or comment below.  You can learn more about the National Bible Bee by visiting their website here and watching these videos: National Bible Bee Competition and Come to the National Bible Bee.

Operation Pray for Bible Bee is an independent project and is not endorsed by the National Bible Bee.

Note: If you are a contestant of the NBBC, please submit your name to us.  This will allow us to assign you a prayer warrior.  You can access and edit the document of names through a post on the Google+ Official NBB Participant Community.  Email me if you can’t find it, and I will gladly send you the doc.  We want lots of people involved in this project, so spread the word to your family, friends, church, and anyone else who might want to join us.  (For security purposes, please don’t share the doc with those not participating in the National Bible Bee.)

By Delie Moss with Katherine Forster

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  1. This is a great idea! I look forward to participating.

  2. Thank you, Gloria! I'm glad you're part of our team.


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