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Here is the promised post containing links to various practice tests.  I'm sure that I didn't include every single one out there, because that is just about impossible, but here are a few of the main ones.  I may edit this post later to add another practice test that is coming out soon.

First off, here are some practice tests written by Everett Chew and a group of contestants.  I haven't taken many practice tests yet, but these are very similar to last year's tests.  They are available in all three age divisions, SeniorJunior, and Primary.  I recommend taking Primary and Junior/Senior.  These are excellent practice tests, and I don't just say things like that, so that should mean a lot :).

Katherine Forster and some of the contestants who wrote the practice tests above have written a hard practice test.  This includes a lot of comprehension and content not in the Discovery Journal, and isn't what we expect on the test, but it is still fun to take.  If you're new to Bible Bee, this might not be the best one for you; I've done Bible Bee five years, and even for me, my low score on this test was slightly discouraging. The purpose of this test is to stretch your mind, rather than being an accurate representation of the test.

A local Bee in Arizona wrote full-length practice tests for all three age divisions.  I haven't had a chance to take them yet, but look forward to doing so soon.  Go to these links for the Senior, Junior, and Primary practice tests.

Another local Bee in Alaska has been writing mini practice tests.  You can go to this page to view the practice tests for Weeks 1-6. has done a few live Bible Bee quizzes.  I've only been able to make it to one so far, but it was a lot of fun, and I enjoyed them a lot last year, too!  You can go to this post on the Memverse blog for more information about the quizzes.

Cory M, a Senior contestant, and a group of other Bible Bee-ers have written three practice tests: Senior, Junior, and Primary.

Since I won't have time to do a separate post with tips for taking the test, I wanted to highlight a few of the main ones.
#1. Answer every question.  Even if you have no idea what the correct answer is, you still have a 25% chance of getting it right if you guess.  There is no penalty for an incorrect answer.
#2.  Pace yourself.  If you notice that you're falling behind on the test, you may need to speed up some.  On the other hand, don't just fly through your test, or you will be very likely to miss questions.
#3. I had never even thought about this before, until I took a practice test on Tuesday, but if you finish the test early and have time to go through the questions again, focus on checking the answers of the easy questions rather than the hard ones.  Most likely, you spent a lot of time thinking about those hard ones the first time through the test, so you probably won't change your answer, and if you do, you'll probably get it wrong.  You need to focus on the simple questions, because those are the kind that you are most likely to skim over and not notice something important.  On a practice test, I read John 13 as being John 14, so I missed the question.  Needless to say, I was quite frustrated :).
#4.  Watch out for True or False questions.  They can be more tricky than they initially appear to be.

This may be my last post before Saturday, so I wish you all the best!  Do your best, but leave the results in God's hands and trust Him to do what His best.  God is always good.

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