To Receive or Reject

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Dear Receivers of God’s WORD,

As Nationals marches closer and closer—one more week to go!—it is easy to get distracted by all that needs to be done, studied, or memorized.  However, let’s take a moment and start our week out by realigning our focus on what is really important:  God’s WORD.

In John 12, Jesus was wrapping up His ministry because, as we studied last week, His hour had come in which to truly glorify the Father.  His words, as recorded in verse forty-eighty, were part of a final appeal to the Jewish populous.  Jesus knew that He was heading toward the cross, and therefore, was making one last effort to make people understand who He was and why He had come.   But the question is, do we understand?  Like the Jews of early A.D., we have walked with Jesus throughout His ministry, as we’ve studied the gospel of John.  We’ve watched as Jesus turned water into wine, healed the sick, fed the thousands, made the blind see, and declared that He is the I AM.  Therefore, Jesus’ words in John 12:48 apply to us also.  Have we received or rejected Christ’s words?  We’ve definitely taken them in through our intense studying, but have we truly received them into our heart?  Or as literally translated from the Greek, have we taken hold of the teachings and signs Jesus performed or have we disesteemed or brought to naught the things that He said and did while on earth?

These are simple “yes” or “no” questions.  There is no middle ground.  The one thing that sets Christianity apart from all other world religions is our belief in who Jesus is, that He is fully God while also being fully man.  So where do you stand?  In the deepest recesses of your heart do you believe that Jesus is 100% God or do you doubt?

Those who reject Jesus’ words have a judge, the word that He has spoken which has been written down for our sake.  Therefore, since we’ve read the Scriptures and studied the life of Christ we have no excuse.  For we know exactly what Jesus did and said, and therefore, now have a choice:  to receive or reject, to take hold of or disesteem.  And the decision we make now will, in the last day, be brought to judgment against the words Jesus spoke and which we’ve read.

So this week’s question is….have YOU received God’s WORD?  Have you made it an integral part of your everyday life that will continue beyond the Bible Bee season?  Have you accepted and put your faith in the One who wrote it?

I’m sure that most of you can answer these questions with a whole-hearted “Yes!”  However, does that mean that you are honoring and valuing God’s Word as highly as you should? The Bible is alive and active, and as we learned this week, will judge on the last day.  Therefore, take it seriously!  The Greek word used for reject in verse forty-eighty literally means to set aside, disesteem, neutralize, cast off, or bring to naught.  Therefore, we can “reject” God’s Word without actually disbelieving it, by the way we regard it.  The Bible is not just another book; it is the Word of God, the Sword of the Spirit, and the only offensive weapon in our spiritual arsenal.  So while you may believe that Jesus is the Messiah, are you esteeming His words as your life-giving water and spiritual bread?  And are you devoting time to it outside of the National Bible Bee competition?

In closing, as you finalize your Bible Bee studying this week, I exhort you to treat the Scripture with the reverence and honor it deserves, not as a mere study guide full of useful information for a test, but as God’s divinely breathed WORD!

Joyfully in Christ,

So I Fix My Eyes...

“I have come into the world as light, so that
whoever believes in me may not remain in darkness.”
~John 12:46

Editor's note: Thank you, Kristin, for your weekly encouragers throughout Nationals season!  They have been an incredible blessing to me and others.  Let us pray that, in the words of Psalm 119:18, God may open our eyes that we may behold wondrous things out of His law.  And let us press on, not for "riches or man's empty praise", but for the immeasurable treasure of knowing God and His Word.  To read more of Kristin's devotionals, check out her blog, So I Fix My Eyes...

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  1. Kristin, I have so enjoyed your encouraging posts every week! They have been great reminders to remember Whom I study--Jesus Christ! Thank you so much for sharing the wisdom that the Lord has revealed to you. Your words have been such a blessing to me!


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