Weekly Roundup//October 4-10

11:09 AM

Four Gospels?  "As we gather the lens of the synoptic Gospel together and bring them into focus with the telescope of John’s Gospel, we see Jesus in His glory, Son of God and Son of Man, son of Abraham, true Israel, second Adam, Servant of the Lord and the eternal Word coming to redeem His own and to bring them to glory."

Multiple Choice Questions from John 7-12  I know we've mentioned it here on the blog before, but I cannot over-emphasize the importance of writing and/or taking practice tests.  This test has cross-references, Greek, and memory context, as well as questions John 7-12.  At this point, it's 77 questions and counting, so check back for more.

#3--Holy  "Over the past month, we have studied two different attributes of God, and now we are ready to look at a third:  God is HOLY... This is fundamental because the way in which we view God’s holiness will shape and define the relationship we have with Him."  Be challenged by this devotional on Isaiah 6:1-5 and God's holiness.

John 8:12 Cross References  Bible Hub has a great tool for finding cross-references to any verse in the Bible.  The top few verses are the most relevant; however, you can scroll down for the Treasury of Scripture Knowledge, an amazing collection of any verse that might possibly relate to your verse.  I've linked to John 8:12; feel free to explore more on your own.

When God Waits  "Like the story of Lazarus, the Lord often sees fit to wait on giving an answer to some of the prayers  in our own lives.  This is not because He is mean or because He does not love us; on the contrary, it is because He loves us that He seems to remain silent.  He has something so much better in store!"

Memverse  Meet the biggest Bible Bee online community here on Memverse.  I don't use their memory system, but their member forums are a great place to ask questions, share study resources, and just chat.  (Confession time:  I joined Memverse just so I that I could come to the Memverse reunion at Nationals--they're said to be pretty amazing).

A Sure Hope, Pt. 1  This song is part of a 23-track album of the book of Romans in song.  Although not word for word, this song does an incredible job of capturing the essence of Romans 5:1-11.  Listen, and rejoice in our sure hope.

With that in mind, what a wonderful way to end the week!

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