Weekly Roundup//October 11-17

6:00 AM

Bible Bee: How I Study  I must say that this link deserves a round of applause.  Carissa, a fellow Bible Bee Nationalist, has done an incredible job listing all the things she studies, and how she goes about studying them.  Especially if this is your first year at Nationals (or if you just need a little refresher) be sure to check out her post.  I made myself a checklist based on this post and reward myself with dark chocolate (payment for babysitting) whenever I check off something. :)

The Jewish Temple 3D Tour  Bible Bee headquarters sent all their contestants the link to this animated tour of the temple last year or the year before...I can't remember.  However, I DO remember that it gave me an inside view of the temple that I had never had before.  Enjoy!

The Areopagus  While we're on the subject of places in John and the surrounding memory passages, here's everything you need to know about the Areopagus (Acts 17:19-31).  What struck me as interesting was that the Areopagites held their sessions at night.  Does this mean that it would have been dark while Paul was speaking?  Wondering...

A Study of Stoning in the Bible  My sister (Anna) put together an interesting study on OT stoning and on the stoning of Stephen and Saul/Paul in the NT.  I find it ironic that Saul was present at the stoning of Stephen, and then later he was stoned and left for dead by men who were just as zealous for the letter of the Law as he once was.  I wonder if it ever crossed his mind that, had Christ not saved him, he would have been one of the stoning, and not the stoned.   My guess is that, if it had, he would have chosen Christ, for to "live is Christ and to die is gain".

Cross References: John 11:25  I just discovered a most fascinating tool for finding cross-references.  I can't remember which Bible Bee-er recommended Open Bible, but a huge thank you to whoever you are!  To find cross-references, simply search the verse (I did John 11:25) and the cross-references will come up in little pink boxes.  The darker the pink, the more pertinent the verse.

John Sermon Series by Pastor John MacArthur  MacArthur preached through the Gospel of John back in the 70's, beginning before my parents were even born.  Now I'm an adult (barely) and he's preaching through it again!  I'm trying to redeem all the "empty" time (i.e., when I can't read or write, but want to study), and listening to these sermons is going to be one of my strategies.

Map of Israel in the Time of Jesus  Can you tell I'm studying Bible geography/places right now?  First the temple, then the Areopagus, and now all of Palestine!  I printed off a copy of this map, as well as a blank map (you can find it here), and I'm in the process of filling the blank map in with towns and cities as I make notes on them in my study binder.

And now you have a little peek into my study brain.  What are you studying this week?

One month 'til Nationals!

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  1. Thanks for pulling together these (and other) great resources. I especially like the 3D Map of the Temple at Jerusalem. So cool!

  2. Thank you for doing these Weekly Roundups, Joy! They've been quite helpful! Looking forward to seeing you and your family soon! :) ~Kaitlyn


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