Weekly Roundup//September 20-26

6:00 AM

It's the weekend!  And with the weekend, here are a few of our favorite links from the past week.  Enjoy!

Last year when I studied Nahum I spent hours and hours poring over concordances and searching on Bible Gateway to find references to God as a whirlwind.  It often felt laborious, but I didn't know a better way--now I do!  A couple of weeks ago my sister showed me her new favorite resource on Blue Letter Bible, Nave's Topical Bible.  All you have to do is search for anything you are interested in (see my sample searches on blindness and sheep) and go from there!

I used Great Treasures for all my Greek study back in Nationals of 2012 and just rediscovered the beauties of it.  You can pull up multiple versions (sorry, NKJV is not available at this point) including the original Greek, make notes on specific verses, and study words in-depth just by clicking that word in the KJV column.

I really enjoy studying the context of our memory passages; it gives me both a better grasp of the passage and also an understanding of how it links to our focus book/passage.  So when our pastor began preaching through Numbers, we were counting down the weeks to chapter 21...and here it is!  Just go to our church website and click on sermon eleven.

Calling all Bible Bee-ers who need new motivation to review their verses and thrive on some friendly competition!  If you are on ScriptureTyper.com (and if you aren't, you should be) come join us in Bible Bee 2015 John 1-12.  It's a great place to encourage and be encouraged, as well as memorize and review your verses.  (I highly recommend using the app, since it comes with a flashcard review system.)

You've probably all tried rote memorization for your memory passages (hey, me too!).  However, you've probably discovered that that method doesn't work all that efficiently for those longer passages (once again, me too).  So I was intrigued when I came across this article, The Easiest Way to Memorize the Bible.  Not only does this method look promising, but the testimony of the elderly pastor was incredibly inspiring.

I dub my sisters and I as theology nerds, so when I saw this graphic of Bible cross-references at a lecture on the continuity of the Bible, I knew I had to share it with the girls (so much so, that when the speaker asked if there were any questions, I--the shy girl--raised my hand and asked where I could find it online).  After a little googling, I found the picture, as well as some other interesting visuals on this site (my favorite is at the top, scroll down for more like it).

And to round off the week, "sacrifice" fifteen minutes of your study time to watching You Know You're in Bible Bee When...Epic Version.  If you're a first time qualifier, this is especially important, so that you will know what kind of Bible Bee people populate the halls at Nationals--just to warn you.  And if you've qualified in the past, you'll get a kick out of all the references to Nationals 2014 (we studied Nahum, had the usual stopwatch campaign, and amassed more Awana pins than your average Awana lover...even though we'd never been in Awana).

That's all for now y'all; please comment below with your favorite links of the week (or month, or year...).  I hope you have a blessed weekend!

Note: Sweeter Than Honey does not necessarily endorse anything else on these sites.  Click at your own discretion, keeping Psalm 101:3a in mind.

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  1. Can you use Great Treasures without signing up for it?

    1. No, Hannah, I think you have to sign up for GT in order to access it. However, it's free!


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