Weekly Roundup//September 13-19

7:52 AM

Editor's note: This is the first post in what will (Lord willing) be a series where we share our favorite links.  Feel free to comment below to tell us YOUR favorite study helps on the world wide web.

I'll start the list off with Bible Bee 2015!, five minutes of tips by several Bible Bee contestants.  Keep in mind that this was created for Locals; however, most of it is still relevant and extremely helpful.

For those of you who like to study your memory passages in-depth, read these thoughts on Deuteronomy 32:46, God's Word is Our Life, by a Bible Bee Nationals contestant.

I also really enjoyed this article on The Counterintuitive Beauty of the Beatitudes.  Take some time to sit back and savor the immense blessings we have in Christ!

While we're on the subject of memory passages, check out Review Systems by another Bible Bee Nationals contestant.  Every Bible Bee-er has (or should have) a trustworthy review method, and, as I use one similar to this, I highly recommend it.

A Bible Bee dad is preaching through the gospel of John (at this point he's in chapter 9).  Visit the church website here to listen to any of the Life in His Name sermons on the book of John.

For the Greek nerds/highly ambitious  Bible Bee-ers, I highly recommend the John study Bible on BibleHub.com.  Just hover your mouse over any Greek word to see the transliteration, English word, Strong's number, synonyms, and part of speech.

If you aren't already on Quizlet, you should be!  It's a great test writing and taking site (and--best of all--it's free).  Come on and join us in the Study for Bible Bee 2015 class.  We would love to have you.

And just for fun...Get to know your Bible translations.  My siblings and I are often guilty of stereotyping people by their preferred Bible translation (NASB users tend to be more outgoing, NKJV-ers have brown hair, etc.). Therefore, we got a huge kick out of this comic.

And there you have it--our first weekly roundup.  I hope you have a blessed weekend learning and living God's Word!

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  1. Thank you, Joy! These are good websites! We really like Blueletter Bible since it has so many resources and is also free (though I'm guessing a lot of Bible Bee-ers already know about it from the Study Guide). :) Also, just to let you know, the "God's Word is our Life" and the "The Counterintuitive Beauty of the Beatitudes" links take you to the same place.

    1. Thanks for pointing that out, Kaitlyn! I fixed the link. Yes, we like BLB, too; I hope to link to specific resources on there in future weeks.



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