Spiritual Discernment

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Dear fellow students of the WORD,

Have you been enjoying your study of John 7 so far?  Before we get into this week’s encourager, take a moment to stop and think about your favorite or most interesting things you’ve learned from these fifty-three verses.  There are so many amazing things within this chapter of John!  Yet this week I’d like to focus on verse seventeen and the concept of spiritual discernment.

As we read John 7, we tend to criticize the Jews and Pharisees for their unbelief.  However, if we lived during the ministry of Jesus would we have recognized Him for who He is?  In order to distinguish spiritual truths we must be versed in the language of the One imparting them.  But how does one acquire this skill?  You learn it by spending time listening to God speak and conforming your will to His will.  For instance, during Jesus’ life many did not recognize Him as the promised Messiah, but some did.  And the ones who did were those who knew the promises and were waiting for God to act and/or spent quality time with the Son and listened to Him teach with an open heart and not self-righteous judgment.  So let’s be like these fellow saints, who saw and identified the Savior of the world while adorned in human flesh, and may the eyes of our hearts cut through the outward appearance and see things as our Father does.  For as history proves, the God we serve moves in mysterious ways, and many times we do not understand His plan.  Nevertheless, as Jesus told us, by striving after our Master’s will and being attentive to His still, small voice, we can know beyond a shadow of doubt—in whatever comes our way or whatever we hear—whether it is God’s wisdom or man’s foolishness.  We live in a society plagued with voices declaring falsehood and foolishness as truth, so now more than ever it is imperative that we be able to discern between Biblical truths and man’s lies.

So my question to you is….how well do you KNOW your heavenly Father?  Would YOU have been able to recognize the Messiah?  Is God’s will your number ONE priority?

Let us draw closer to our Father, being attentive to His voice and solely desirous of His will, that we may be a generation equipped with spiritual discernment so that we can quickly recognize truth from error!  For the glory of the One true God, press on!

Joyfully in Christ,

“Do not judge by appearances, but judge with right judgment.”  ~ John 7:24

Editor's note: This post is part of a series of encouragers by a local host, Kristin.  You can read her previous posts here on the blog.  Thank you, Kristin!

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