National Bible Bee Game Show Recap: Episode 308

10:43 AM

The final round of the National Bible Bee Game Show aired September 16th at 5:30, EDT, and on September 19th at 9:30 AM.  This was a Senior round, which is open to 15 to 18 year-olds

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Meet the three contestants from this episode:

 Anna is from Pennsylvania. She says that the Bible Bee has helped her to learn much more than she would have otherwise, and that it has helped her to value God's Word. Anna enjoys reading old books.

 Hannah is from New York. She enjoys making healthy meals and playing the piano. Hannah says that we should keep our eyes on the eternal perspective. 

Alex, who is from New Jersey, is the oldest of seven brothers and sisters. He enjoys writing historical fiction, especially about the Civil War. Alex says that the Bible is a special gift.

Hardest Question:
When Jesus returns to Jerusalem, through which gate will He enter?

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Each contestant recited three passages of Scripture and answered three knowledge questions.

Hardest Question:

Question: When Jesus returns to Jerusalem, through which gate will He enter?
Answer: East Gate

Favorite verse:
 "For we hold that one is justified by faith apart from works of the law."
Romans 3:28

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At the end of the show the contestants also answered a fourth question, this one worth one thousand points.  This round's question was:
Question: Nahum calls the Lord, "LORD of hosts". Which of your New Testament memory passages uses this name of God or its Hebrew and Greek equivalent?
Answer:  Romans 9:1-33

Anna, Hannah, and Alex all answered the question correctly, making Hannah the winner of this episode and...

[drumroll, please]

...the winner of the National Bible Bee Game Show Senior Division!  Hannah will be taking home $100,000, while Anna and Alex, who tied for second place, will also be taking home significant prizes, not to mention the immeasurable treasure of God's Word hidden in their hearts.

Congratulations to all three of the contestants!

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What do you think?

Did you like this episode?

What did you think was the hardest question?

And what was your favorite verse?

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