Guest Post: Sword of the Spirit

7:52 AM

“It’s going to be hard today,” I thought, but I didn’t stop jogging.  The hardest part of my run lay before me: a challenging hill that was aptly dubbed the “Big Hill.”


The difficulty of the Big Hill isn’t the actual exercise itself, though; it’s the despairing thoughts that go along with it.  It’s all too easy to give in to: “I can’t go on – I have no more energy left – maybe I could just walk the last bit.”
 Granted, running with my dad helps keep me going, and for some, music helps too.  But I have another weapon for overcoming these demoralizing thoughts.  Guessed it yet?


    Every time I near the base of the Big Hill, I think of a favorite passage and see how much I can quote of it before the top.  1 Peter chapter 1 has been a favorite ever since the 2010 Bible Bee because it was the first really long passage I memorized, so it comes to mind more easily than others.  
Now, this example is fairly trivial, but it brings me to my main point: struggling with bad thoughts is hard.  We can all relate.  And I’ll be honest with you: I’m not as diligent as I should be about redirecting my mind onto Scripture, and I haven’t overcome this struggle with my mind yet.  But this is a crucial area in this spiritual battle, so I want to encourage you (and myself) by reminding you of a weapon God has given us: Scripture memorization.
You may have memorized Ephesians 6:17, “And take the helmet of salvation, and the sword of the spirit, which is the word of God;”
 The word of God is our sword against the enemy.  A sword has two purposes: defense and offense.  The Word of God, committed to memory and ready for use, is our sword for keeping bad thoughts at bay (defense) and advancing forward with good thoughts (offense).     

Defense: it keeps your mind off the bad thoughts.  The easiest thoughts are the ones you don’t have to try to think; which, because of our sinful flesh, tend to be the wrong ones.  This is why we should memorize Scripture in addition to reading and studying it - because that establishes God’s words into our head, ready for whenever we need them.
Offense: it keeps your mind on the Truth.  Not only does quoting memorized Scripture keep our mind off bad things, it fills it with good things.  I think of an example my mom gave me: some religions tell you to empty your mind of any thoughts so that good can fill it.  In reality, however, emptying your mind of any thoughts means all the more room for bad things to get inside.  What we need to do is fill our minds with Truth, and that will push the bad out.  Memorizing Scripture, and quoting it when need be, does just that.

So I encourage you: memorize Scripture.  Pick some verses that pertain specifically to something you’re dealing with, or a psalm to praise God.  If you can, do the Bible Bee – it’s a great way to memorize as well as study the Bible, because the verses are already picked for you, and it has some great incentives.  This blog even has a post full of helpful links for Bible study and memorization – check it out here!

Scripture is our weapon.  Let’s use it.

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  1. Wonderful post, Esther! Btw, Anna, HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. What happened with the spaces there?

    1. I don't know. I was wondering the same thing :).

  3. Thanks so much for the post Esther! I will definitely reference this anytime someone asks me why I memorize Scripture.

    1. You are welcome! :) Thanks - glad to hear that it was helpful.


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