Top 10 Reasons to sign up for Bible Bee

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Bible Bee registration is open!!! If you’re wondering why you should sign up, then I wrote this post with you in mind :). You may notice that I keep on saying the same things over and over in this post (e. g., Bible Bee has really encouraged me, I've grown a lot in my relationship with God), but I think that’s a good thing, because it helps you to see what the Bible Bee is really about. If I emphasized the big prizes at Nationals, then you would know that that is one of the biggest parts of the Bible Bee. But since I’m talking about how Bible Bee has helped me to love God’s Word more, you know that’s really what Bible Bee is about.
Also, the order of the Top 10 Reasons to sign up for the Bible Bee is a bit random, but I wasn't sure what to begin and end with, so I just arranged it alphabetically.
Now, in no particular order (except that it’s alphabetical :))
The Top 10 Reasons to sign up for Bible Bee

 1.   A structural way to study the Bible
I think a lot of us have trouble studying the Bible on our own. We may read it often, or memorize a verse or two every now and then, but when it comes down to actually studying it deeply, we get stuck. How do you go about studying a book of the Bible inductively? The Sword Study teaches you how.

My brother George studying for the 2012 National Bible Bee
2.      Closer relationship with God
Since first starting the Bible Bee in 2012, I have grown so much in my love for the Lord and His Word. I haven’t learned just about Him, I know Him in a much deeper way than before. Studying Scripture has become a joy and privilege – something I look forward to and enjoy! I know many other contestants would say the same!

3.      Encouragement
     The Bible Bee has been such an encouragement to me to study. The Weekly Encouragers always put a smile on my face and leave me, well, encouraged :). The Bible Bee’s lanyards say “Encourage! Recognize! Reward!”, and I think that’s what the Bible Bee really does. In addition, many friends have been very encouraging to me, but I’ll talk about that more in #6. Also, Bible Bee provides a way for you to encourage others. That’s the purpose of this blog – to enable contestants to encourage each other.

4.      Fun
I’m not just saying this to get you to sign up or anything, but…Bible Bee is a lot of fun! And I really am being honest when I say that I enjoy the competition, studying, memorizing, and pretty much everything that goes into Bible Bee! Yes, it can be hard work at times, but who says that hard work isn’t fun?! To add to the fun, my whole family is doing it, so we get to have fun together!

My brother Samuel dressed up as a sailor for our family's Bible Bee Family Night

      5.   Family
I've also grown closer to my family through the Bible Bee. The Bible Bee (especially the local part) is geared toward families. Every week our family has what the Parent Guidebook calls a Family Bonfire. We discuss what we've learned and memorized in the past week, show our Day 10 Diagrams, sing songs, pray, and sometimes play games. Once during the summer, a couple weeks before locals, we have a Bible Bee Family Night. Last year, the book to study for the summer was Jonah, so we each dressed up as a character from Jonah, played a game that was sort of a mixture of musical chairs and a cake walk, and ate a Jonah style meal, complete with gummy worms on a lettuce leaf and fish sticks. I feel like since starting Bible Bee I have had more deep conversations with my siblings, like about what we have been learning recently in our study book, and how we apply that to life.

6.      Friends
One of the best things (but then, there’s lots of bests in Bible Bee!) about locals and Nationals is seeing old friends and meeting new ones. Through the Bible Bee, my family has met so many Christian families. I have been so encouraged by all the godly young people I have met, and enjoy staying in touch with them year round.

A picture with friends (and a few people we don't know) at Nationals

7.      No more boring summers!
I feel a bit inadequate to write this one, because, quite honestly, I am rarely (if ever) bored. However, if you are ever bored, the Bible Bee will provide a way for you to spend your time in a way that matters. When we’re bored, it’s often easy to do something unprofitable to pass away the time. Bible Bee will add at least 30 minutes of productive time to your day, five days a week; and if you want, it could even add a few hours a day!

8.      Opportunities to share the gospel
Through the Bible Bee, you will be provided with opportunities to share the gospel, whether it is when a stranger in the grocery store comments on your T-shirt, or when your little brother asks for help on his Sword Study. In addition, you will have many verses hidden in your heart and many lessons from Scripture to share when you are asked “for a reason for the hope that is in you” (1 Peter 3:15).

       9. Trips
Since starting the Bible Bee, I have been able to travel to Nashville, Sevierville (twice), and Orlando for Bible Bee Nationals. At first, I enjoyed those trips for the touristy places that we would see while on the trip, but now I’m thrilled to go on those trips because of all the good friends we will see! Now I almost hope that there isn't anything I want to see too much where Nationals is if someone from my family qualifies, because if there is, I will want to see friends and semis and finals too much to care about seeing those places :)!

10.  T-shirts
You won’t lack T-shirts! You’ll have plenty if you do Bible Bee long enough! And, like some of my siblings and me, it may just become your favorite T-shirt! Oh, and just for the record, we had at least five Bible Bee T-shirts/polos that did not make it in this picture.

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  1. Good reasons! I counted all the T-shirts, and, with the 5 other t-shirts, you have 29 at least!!! :O Wow.

    1. *facepalm* I re-counted, and it was 30 at least! *facedesk*

  2. What a cool post and a cool blog! I participated in the Bible bee last year (but did not make it to nationals) and it was a huge blessing! I hope that you continue to post and please do recap nationals for all of us that are too old this year! :)

    1. Hi, and thank you! I'm glad that you enjoyed Bible Bee! It has been such a blessing to me, too! I will be sure to do a recap on Nationals if I get to go. Maybe you can come to Nationals sometime and volunteer :)!

  3. Love it! I've always had trouble answering people who ask "So why do you like the Bible Bee so much?" I could never find a concise way to boil it all down without sounding like I was on a rant. But you summed things up very nicely.


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