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I've been spending more time on cross-references this year than I normally do, and I've run across some great resources in the process, as well as created some of my own.

This doc has links to quite a few cross-reference songs.  Most of them are ESV; the ones that are not are in italics.  Scripture songs is one of the most effective ways to learn verses.  I'm listening to one of the as I type.

I made a big spreadsheet of cross-reference summaries from the Senior Discovery Journal.  If you want a short overview of every single cross-reference on the list, then this may be what you need.  As far as actually learning them goes, you'll need to do something extra, but this may help you to get a good start on it. 

This is a cross-reference practice test, covering every cross-reference on the Junior list.  It is very helpful.  Watch out for the trick questions, though.

I created some images of cross-references that I had forgotten, and now they stick :).  If you're wanting to do this yourself, you can use PicMonkey and/or Paint. But beware, you may end up spending a lot more time on it than you intend. 

"BibleBeeStudyJ" has some really great Quizlet sets on cross-references.  I went through all of them, and it helped me to feel a lot more prepared.  

As in all things, remember to keep Christ at the focal point of your studying.  Cross-references is one thing that I am very quick to get too focused on the academic side of.  I must keep my focus on learning and growing in my relationship with the Lord.  

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  1. Hi again Anna! Thanks for this post, it was once again so helpful. But one quick question... the cross-reference list, is that all of them or only some? I have different ones, maybe I'm wrong. Well, God bless!

    1. It is all the ones that you may need to know for the test. There are others in the DJ, but they will not be on the test.

  2. Those are great resources! I hope your studying goes well! :D


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