2017 Bible Bee Registration (and Testimonies!)

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Registration for the Bible Bee is now open!  The National Bible Bee is a competition that motivates and encourages youth ages 7 to 18 to memorize and study the Word of God.  Beginning on June 5, participants will get to memorize fourteen passages of Scripture and study a book or portion of Scripture, using the Discovery Journal.  Participants can also become part of a local group, where they will be inspired to dig deeper in the Word.

During August 3-5, contestants will have the opportunity to take an online test based on the passages that they learned.  If they are in the top 120 in their age division, then they qualify for the National competition!  Nationals will be held in San Antonio, Texas, November 15-19.

The Bible Bee has impacted many young people from around the nation.  A friend of mine writes:

"Hello, all! My name is Anastasia Brown. I have two sisters (Elizabeth and Hosanna) and one brother (Josiah). We all live in central California, in the city of Bradley, in the country, where we daily see a lot of wildlife. We are blessed with the best church ever! We enjoy reading, hiking, kayaking, and good humor as well as swimming and spending time with our church family.
I have participated in the National Bible Bee for three years. My sister Elizabeth has participated for two years. We always have so much fun studying and memorizing God’s Word!
Going so deep into God’s Word has truly impacted my life. Before doing the Bible Bee, I did not have that intimate relationship and love for God that I now do. Studying the Scriptures increases my knowledge of Jesus and enriches my spiritual journey. 
I would encourage people to participate in the Bible Bee because it strengthens your spiritual life, it draws you closer to Jesus, and it is a fun and competitive experience.
I am so thankful to God for blessing me with the Bible Bee.
Praise His holy name!"

At eleven years old, the Word of God is already deeply implanted in Anastasia's heart.  That's obvious just from her testimony above, and it is evident in her life, as well.  Carissa, now a Bible Bee alumna, says:

"I participated in the Bible Bee for six years. Those six years were so life changing, and there are so many reasons why I so like the Bible Bee – teaching you how to study, spending so much time in the Word of God, awesome friends. Those pale in comparison, though, to the main reason – getting to know God better. When you participate in the Bible Bee, you spend so much time hiding God’s Word in your heart, studying His Word, and through it all, you get to know more about God. Digging into the riches of His Word reveals His character and His actions. He is the God of the universe, He is King of all, what better way to spend your time than getting to know Him more? 'Grow in grace, and in the knowledge of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.' Through participating in the Bible Bee, I have grown in the knowledge of our Savior Jesus. It has given me a greater love for His Word and a great love for HIM! I would highly encourage participation in the Bible Bee! It is a life-changing experience!"

Emily is also now an alumna of the Bible Bee and was greatly impacted by it during the years that she got to compete:

"Looking back at my time in Bible Bee, I am so thankful for many things.  Two things in particular that have really stood out to me lately would be how that Bible Bee has done much to help me feel prepared to explain and defend my faith, and that Bible Bee has helped me truly love God's Word.  Spending so much time studying the Bible and taking such care to get every little word right can’t help but change the way you value Scripture.  Now many times, I'll be on the verge of tears with this unquenchable longing to just be immersed in the Word of God, all because I’ve begun to see Its value and have learned to treasure It highly."

God is using the Bible Bee to change the lives of thousands of young people across the nation.  Children are coming to an understanding of the Gospel.  Teens are learning how to really dig into the Bible for the first time.  Families are being strengthened as they study and memorize together.  This is what Rachael says:

"One of my absolute favorite things about the Bible Bee is the camaraderie around the Word of God. Anyone can get a group of people together for an activity, but there is just something really special about hundreds of young people gathered together for the same reason -- JESUS. We are all pressing towards the prize of the high calling of God in Christ Jesus together, and it has been and continues to be a source of encouragement for me! I would encourage each of you reading this to sign up for the Bible Bee.  No matter how far you advance in the competition, the TRUE prize is a deeper relationship with the Lord Jesus Christ."

This video, created by the Greater Phoenix Bible Bee, effectively communicates the heart of the Bible Bee -- families fellowshipping around the Word of God.

Caleb shares how the Bible Bee has impacted his life:

"There are three things I love about the Bible Bee that make it unique from anything I have experienced. 
First, Bible Bee gives young people the motivation and excuse to learn God's Word in depth. Of course, the competition and accountability from fellow contestants motivate a person. However, the Bible Bee also provides an excuse to spend hours studying God's Word. When else could you say “no” to a gathering, a summer camp, or even chores, just to study God’s Word? The visible goal of a competition provides an understandable “out” to pour yourself into the Bible.
Second, the Bible Bee creates godly friendships founded on Scripture -- lots of Scripture. At Nationals I see contestants go beyond sportsmanship to Christian love, on the edge of their seats for their "opponents." More importantly, Bible Bee produces a bond between contestants that differs from a typical Bible study group or youth camp community, because the participants have spent months ingesting the same Scriptures through study and memorization.
The third reason is my story. Besides my parents and a few other people, the Bible Bee has impacted my walk with Christ more than any other factor. It has moved God from the outside of my life to the center of it. I encourage anyone considering the Bible Bee to try it out. God's Word never returns void! Bible Bee changed my life; it could change yours too."

Bethany, age sixteen, summarizes how God has used the Bible Bee in her family's life, as well as in many other families' lives:

"Before I participated in the Bible Bee, I had a desire to grow in God, but I didn't exactly know how to go about it. I wasn't sure where to start. Then someone introduced us to Bible Bee and it has changed me and grown me like I could never have imagined! Our family is forever impacted and we are all so thankful to the Shelby Kennedy Foundation for organizing it. Bible Bee also taught me how to dig deeper into the Word on my own, without a special study. What a tool!"

Be sure to sign up soon!  If you want to order a t-shirt, make sure that you do so by May 1st.


Check back soon!  I'll be sharing my Bible Bee testimony and story.

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  1. Thanks so much for encouraging others to study God's Word. As a Bible Bee Alumna myself, I know that the two years I competed were completely life-changing. I never imagined I could memorize that much Scripture but I can truly say that you can't spend that much time in God's Word without being changed by it from the inside out!

  2. I love this, Anna! And I was so encouraged just through reading all the testimonies - even though a lot of them echo my own heart, sometimes I need to be reminded just how precious God's word really is.

  3. Thanks for taking the time to compile all of this Anna! Bible Bee has been a tool God has used mightily in our lives too to give us the motivation and support to help us make studying and memorizing God's Word a priority. The fruit of that has been a deepening of our relationship and understanding of our dear Lord. The Bible Bee is good for the whole family;we have all grown in our love for God through our time with Him in His Word. How sweet to know Him and His unfailing love for us!

  4. Yay! I can't wait for Bible Bee! And all these testimonies are like exactly what I've been feeling lately. Last year I was really stressed out about memorizing all the verses, but however many verses you memorize, God's Word is still hidden in your heart!

  5. Hey, Anna. Do you remember Lincoln Taylor Bontrager? He broke the record of being the youngest kid in the senior division to win and win the previous year. Will he do it this year because I know that you must move up if you won first place, which he did. Thanks and great post!

    1. Yes, I know Taylor. Unfortunately, he will not be eligible to compete this year, since he won the Senior age division.

    2. Oh, I had no idea or I knew, but didn't want to believe it. I didn't really want to ask him myself because I didn't want to bring it up if he couldn't.
      Thanks for you reply and have an awesome Friday!

  6. Hi Anna! This is Anna Corbett. ;) I visit your blog from time to time, and I'm always blessed and inspired by the wisdom and insights God has given you!

    I had a question about the minimum age for the Bible Bee, and thought y'all would be the ones to ask! Eva will be 6 years old in August. So she'll still be 6 next year when the summer study begins, but she'll turn 7 soon after. Would she be able to participate next year, or do we need to wait until the following year?

    Thanks, Anna! Keep following hard after Jesus!

    1. Hi Miss Anna! Thanks for reading!

      Yes, Eva will be old enough to compete next year (the cutoff date is November 13th). I'm looking forward to seeing all that God will do through her!


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