Weekly Roundup//October 25-31

8:52 AM

Bible Bee quiz session  For those of you on Quizlet, I started a set where Bible Bee-ers can quiz each other.  Basically, you answer the last question and then add one of your own.  Be careful, though; it can be addicting!

Blank Contrasts sheet  My sisters and I gave been taking turns studying with our younger brothers.  Between us, we've had a mock game show, a study on shepherds/sheep with accompanying games, John 1-12 people charades, etc.  This week, we studied contrasts (know and not know seems to be a key theme) and I thought I would share our blank worksheets with any of you who might be interested.

Why Study Hebrew (or Greek)?  What a good reminder to slow down and meditate on every God-breathed word of Scripture!  (And I'm bookmarking this, because the extent of my Greek study for Nationals could be carried on the back of an ant.)

Jonah as a Native of Galilee  The Pharisees (those law-knowing experts) said that no prophet arises from Galilee (John 7:52).  Had they really searched the Scriptures as they told Nicodemus, then they would have found quite a list of Galilean prophets.  This page has some facts about Jonah and a few other prophets, as well as an explanation of the Bethlehem/Galilee dichotomy   

The Law of Moses  I don't know about you, but it feels like the Law of Moses keeps popping up again and again...and again.  This page from Blue Letter Bible has a a very detailed outline of the Law of Moses.  Also, if you hover your mouse over the verse references, they pop up on that page, saving a lot of time.

The Dispersion  When Jesus says He is going where they cannot, the Jews wonder if He is going among the Dispersion to teach the Greeks.  Here is everything you need to know about the Dispersion (and probably some things you don't have to know ;) ).

I Did Hard Things, and I Failed  Here is some very timely encouragement from a Nationals 2014 Senior.  On the night of the opening ceremony, when your name is not called (and--let's face it--only fifteen of us can be semi-finalists, while over a hundred won't be), remember that although you feel like you've failed outwardly, you have persevered, studied the Bible in a way you would never have dreamed possible, and grown closer to Him through it.

With that in mind, let us press on!  It's less than three weeks to the finish line (or rather, less than three weeks to the end of the starting line as we live the rest of our lives with God's Word stored up in our hearts).

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