Weekly Roundup//October 18-24

7:57 AM

14 Reasons to Memorize an Entire Book of the Bible   This is some very timely encouragement for the weary.  My favorite is #14, "It makes God's Word more precious to you".  Think about it.  If you've worked so hard to put every word in your mouth and on your heart, you're going to value it, not only for it's content, but also because you have put so much effort into remembering it.  Also be sure to check out the follow-up post, 11 Steps to Memorizing an Entire Book of the Bible.

First Four Words of ALL Senior Nationals Passages ESV  In light of yesterday's post, I wanted to share a link to this test on Quizlet.  I like to use it on space race with the "Term first" setting, but test, scatter, and learn would all work too.  Obviously, I'm a Senior who uses ESV so this appeals to me.  From what I've been able to find, there are also a Senior KJV version, both a KJV and a NKJV version for Juniors, and an ESV version for Primaries.   If you can't find one for your version or division, you can also make your own.  (Note: To use some of the sets, you have to be a member of either Study for Bible Bee 2015 or 2015 Bible Bee Nationals.  All you have to do is go to one of those classes and ask to join; someone in the class will accept your request in the next 24 hours or so.)

David Guzik's John Commentary  (I've linked to chapter 8.)  Something of a hybrid between an outline and a commentary, Guzik has the best of both worlds.  I know some Bible Bee-ers already have their go-to commentary (or commentaries) but if you don't or want more, try this one.

Slaughter, Serpents, and Salvation   I have really enjoyed studying Numbers 21 this year--there's just so much depth--and I wanted to share with you some of what I've been reading on the subject.  This article talks about content, context, and cross-references, and ends with a beautiful proclamation of the gospel.  (For the curious/Bible Bee nerds, this was written by the older brother of the fifth place Junior winner in 2014.)

The Messianic Miracles of Jesus  The Jews had definite ideas about who the Messiah was going to be and what he was going to do--in fact, there were three Messianic miracles that would identify the coming King.  However, when Jesus came and fulfilled each one, their response was, "What are we to do?"  And they ended up crucifying Him.

John 12:1 Commentaries  Bible Hub has a great tool for pulling up multiple commentaries on the same verse (here John 12:1).  It's basically everything you could possibly study on a certain verse, all in one place, but if you want to jump to a certain commentary (like my favorite Matthew Henry), you can.

Be Still and Know  We've studied the "I am" statements in John.  Now, as Nationals is looming and the list of all the things you haven't studied seems to be growing like Jack's beanstalk, be still.  Our Heavenly Father has made us a beautiful promise: "I am God".

Resting in that, what a glorious way to start the weekend!

What are some of your favorite study resources from this week?

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