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As I said in an earlier post, one of my favorite things about the Bible Bee is that all the contestants are cheering for and encouraging each other. I have been amazed by how all the contestants are sharing their study tips and genuinely want others to do well. Don't they know that helping others may make them not rank as well? Yes, but their desire for others to know the Word of God and study it to the best of their ability far surpasses their own wishes and goals.

A while back, I had the idea of having Sweeter than Honey's readers comment and share tips, but then I forgot until recently. No matter how long you've participated in the Bible Bee, you probably have discovered some interesting little things that help you study. Sometime in the next week or two, I'll post some of the tips. If you want me to post your name with your tip, you can sign your name at the end of your comment (or you can comment under your blogger username, Google+, or one of the other options for comments). Your tips can be for memorizing, studying, taking the test, or really just any aspect of the Bible Bee. Looking forward to seeing all that y'all have to share!

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