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Three years ago, when I first started Bible Bee, I didn't really do much studying.  I just sort of went through the motions, without any goals and without really trying very hard.  A few days before Locals, I suddenly realized that I knew only a few of the Greek words from the Sword Study.  Well, I didn't really want to memorize a long list of words, but then I also didn't really want to go take a test and know nothing of a certain aspect on the test. 

This is what happens when you try to take a good quality picture with a phone -- it doesn't turn out very well!
So I made a list of all the Greek words in the Sword Study, and then I had an idea.  Most of us probably played make-a-match when we were little, maybe with animals or matching a word to a picture.  In case you haven't played it before, it's simple.  You lay out all the cards face down. Then you turn over two of the cards, and if they match you get to keep them.  If not, you just turn them over again, and it's the next person's turn.  If you get the most matches, you win.

I took index cards and wrote the Greek on one card and its English counterpart on the other.  I did this with all of the words, and then I tried it out.  I was amazed by how quickly I learned the words.  I think that I learned them much quicker than I would have with rote memorization.  I played it with my siblings, and they also found it helpful. 

This is now how I memorize all of the Greek words for Locals.  I usually don't even have to work on knowing the words very well until about a week before Locals, and then I'll have them down-pat by the time I take the test.  This is also a good thing to do with Primaries who might not want to study or may just get burned out if they do very much.  

I hope that this is as helpful for you as it was for me!

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  1. That sounds like a good idea! I'm going to have to try this. Might be fun to play with my little brother while doing his SG with him.
    With both locals and Nationals last year (2014) I'm ashamed to say that I waited till THE LAST week (for Nationals I was generous and gave myself two weeks) to do the Greek & Hebrews. Bad idea. I have now (finally) realized that I extremely dislike G&H words, so I should do them first thing.

  2. This is a good idea! I think it will especially help Elisabeth with her SG, she's a Primary and this is her first year competing (she did Young Explorers last year, but they don't compete)


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