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In case you have not heard, the Bible Bee study book will be announced on June 1st! Yesterday I made a list of some of my favorite websites that I use for Bible Bee study, and so I thought I'd share it here.
A website for word searches and looking up passages. It has over 100 different versions!
A website for memorizing and reviewing Scripture. You can join groups, pray for others in your group(s), and send them Encouragement messages.
This website has commentaries, timelines, charts, and other helpful study resources. My favorite is the Hebrew and Greek Lexicon. 
A website for memorizing and reviewing Scripture. It includes live Bible Knowledge Quizzes (twice a week), and I think that it also has Bible Bee quizzes during the summer (and possibly the fall).
Although a bit hard to navigate at first, this website has many helpful resources including commentaries, sermons, and lexicons. 
A website for studying Greek. Includes definitions of words. 
Although this website is not primarily for Bible study, there are quite a few contestants who use it. You can join groups, write tests (called sets), and take others' tests. I have found this website to be very helpful for studying for Bible Bee.

What are some of your favorite Bible/Bible Bee online study resources?

Posted by Anna Moss

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  1. Thank you for sharing these resources! We've found Blue Letter Bible to be very helpful in studying for Bible Bee! I'm glad that you were able to start this blog and
    have enjoyed reading your posts. :)
    ~Kaitlyn R.

  2. Well, I personally use Scripture Typer and Memverse! Those are my two favorites, but some of the others that you posted sound good too!

  3. I've heard of all of these except Blue Letter Bible. I use ST, Memverse, GreatTreasures, BibleHub, and Bible Gateway.
    did you see the latest NBBGS?

  4. Do you know what time the BB book will be announced on June 1?

    1. I do not. I've been wondering that myself. You can email SKF at


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